The Funky Monkey Road Trip 2015- August 26, 2015-The Concert

     Every Road Trip should be accompanied by an epic concert kick off, our Funky Monkey Road Trip was no exception. The true story is that my friend and co hort in most things crazy and laugh inducing, Jackie called me last Spring and knowing of our affection for  70's and 80's music said, "Jen  I just saw that there is a Groupon for "Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire" you want to go?" My one word response...ABSOLUTELY! i purchased six tickets in anticipation of an amazing girls night out with Shelli, Nicole, Jackie, Deb and my long time friend and EW&F fan, Maryanne. At the time of purchase I had NO CLUE that it was the last night we would be in Michigan.

    After all the packing, purging and pushing ourselves to the brink of exhaustion the concert was finally upon us. All six of us climbed into Jackie's van in the afternoon of August 26th headed to the DTE Center in Clarkston, MI. The company, the amazing food, quintessential retro music, and dance tunes kept our toes tapping and our hearts recalling days gone by. It was the perfect way to have a last night in Michigan. Thank you girls for the epic evening.     

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