The Funky Monkey Road Trip 2015-August 27th -"Get Your Kicks On Route 66"

Entering Indiana.

     When I found out that I would be driving from Michigan to California I decided that we would make it an adventure to remember. Since the 8th grade I have always wanted to ride across America on a motorcycle via Route 66. Well, since I have two dogs and an assortment of, "oh just take it in the car items" from the move that would have been impossible. Unless I had one of those three wheeled dealios with a trailer. At the risk of looking like the new generation "Beverly Hillbillies I decided to rent a car.

     After our epic evening everyone was a bit slow in getting around in the morning, but we finally threw everything into Den and Deb's truck and headed to Grand Rapids to pick up our car. We played a game of Tetris getting "All the Things" into the car, but we finally made it. I could have done without the ribbing from our intrepid Cavalry Crew, the Veenstras, as they pointed to a large moving truck and stated it would be more suitable than our full sized Hyundai, Sonata. I love puzzles, so I took it as a challenge to get er done. BAM, all in.

    After a tearful goodbye  with our dear friends, the Veenstras, who are btw the most gracious, giving and saved our bacon friends EVER, we got on the road. As we headed toward Chicago the girls got out the Route 66 maps that I had purchased and we began to plot out our trip. Here are some highlights of our day.

Motoring on-Missouri or Bust

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