The Funky Monkey Road Trip 2015-August 29, 2015-"Toasted in Texas"


The day started out like any other....late. The one place I had wanted to see on this epic adventure was Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas. After a quick breakfast we headed west to see the famous landmark. We were not disappointed and had fun adding our names to the graffitti on the cars. For those of you not aware, here is the history of Cadillac Ranch.

     Once we left the ranch we headed west again on I 40 and we stopped by what we thought was construction an hour into our journey. When people began to exit their cars we knew this was an accident. Two hours and photos in killer sticker weeds-Nicole had to have extrication from the vicious things and two hot dogs-Penny and Nickel were hot, later, we finally were able to reach a turn around and headed back toward Amarillo. We stopped for gas in Adrian and headed south and then West on highway 60/84 to go around the accident and back onto i 40 at Santa Rosa.

     A few observations I have about Texas....Everything is BIG, skies, big wide Texas smiles, BIG grasshoppers, big prickly weeds-that stick to all the things and are sharp, B. I. G. Traffic jams and Big pile ups. No offense Texas, but right now I just want to see you in my rear view mirror.

     We motored on toward the West, amidst showers of rain and grasshoppers, stopped for gas and realized that between Adrian and our change of drivers my debit card was missing.  Just ONE OF THOSE DAYS. After a call to my bank, we were back on the road. Stopped in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico and had dinner at an amazing new little bistro called, Vinaigrette. Check it out if ever you are there.

     We plotted our destination over dinner. I downed a four shot espresso to carry me forward and we headed out for our next rendezvous with a bed, Winslow, Arizona. Refreshed and rejuvenated from our awesome meal and likely the 4 shots of espresso we enjoyed the miles, the super moon and the night time beauty of New Mexico. 

     Many thanks for the messages of encouragement, restaurant recommendations, road tips and prayers. You made what could have been a discouraging day much more bearable and easy to traverse. More tomorrow on our last day of this journey.

Texas to Arizona

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