June 7, 2014-Saturday

Planning, Packing and Partners

Wasuze otya, (Lugandan for Good morning)

In less than two weeks the  Project Hopeful team leaves for Uganda. All the planning is coming together as we all pack our suitcases with personal belongings and the generous donations from many of you. On the morning of June 19th, I embark on an adventure with some amazing people to be the team photographer/journalist, capturing the story, the lives, the mission of these precious people and organizations. How amazing is it that I have been given the opportunity to go and use my love of story  to capture these few days as I look through the lens of my camera. This is all possible through what some would call the coincidence of a timely "Costco" conversation, I choose rather to believe in Providence.

Thank you to each of you who have partnered with us in prayer and your generous support allowing us the privilege to be your hands and feet. The following is the itinerary thus far for the trip. I would love for you to pray through each day with us. Explore the links I have shared to see the heart and soul of the ministries, organizations and people we are partnering with as we are in Uganda

Land the 20th and travel to Jinja for accommodations. 

June 19-20 -- Drive to Chicago with Peter and Jeremiah to catch our flight to NY, then on to London where we meet the rest of the team for our flight to Uganda.

June  21 -- Jinja shopping; rest up; eat, Nile, etc. Possible visit with a Hope + Sister or two through Project Hopeful.

June  22 --STAY IN JINJA  -- Sunday church with sisters and then visit some more sisters.

June  23 --STAY IN JINJA  -- SOLE HOPE jigger clinics

June  24 --STAY IN JINJA  -- Abide Family Home 9 - 11 a.m. 12:00 and thereafter, Graduation of the sisters and a couple more visits. Hit the road back to Kampala.

June  25 --STAY IN KAMPALA -- Sixty Feet to train their staff about HIV. Prepare for 5k and other field day activities.

June  26 --STAY IN KAMPALA  -- Ssenge Village doing some work for African Hearts AND possible work in Kyerima.

June  27 --STAY IN KAMPALA --Sixty Feet location in Mpigi for 5k.

June  28 --STAY IN KAMPALA  -- Possible work at malaria clinic in Kyermia and/or Ssenge Village.

June   29 --STAY IN KAMPALA -- Church at Watoto in Kampala. After that, we'll have lunch, relax, and prepare for departure.

June  29-30  Last day in Kampala. FLY OUT We fly out very late on the 29th.

I am ever so grateful for each and every one of you.

In the Journey,


Sharing, Shoes and Smiles


Adorable Little Bees Diapers


June 17, 2014-Tuesday

Sharing, Shoes and Smiles

In two days we take off for Uganda. Amazing that time has literally flown by. So many amazing things have been happening to show the purpose and plan of this trip. My friend and the reason I heard about the trip, Jen was at work when she was handed an envelope by a co-worker. Cody had heard about the trip and was prompted to share half of his savings with Jen to buy shoes for some of the orphans we are visiting. 

Read Cody's Story here: The group that the shoes are going to is Y.E.S. Uganda and Manna House. Jen and her family are going there to see if they might serve alongside this ministry on a full time basis. To buy shoes for every orphan, Jen set out a fleece to take Cody's seed money and see what God would do through the hearts of people to care for some of the most forgotten and neglected orphans in the region due to HIV. Long story short, they have raised almost enough to give a pair of shoes to every child in this orphanage. The photo above is of some smiling kids showing their new shoes.

On another note, the diapers came! Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook about the Little Bee Company. When I decided to investigate getting diapers to donate, I had an eye opening education. When I used diapers, they were rectangular, soft, white objects, now there are a veritable plethora of variety, shapes and sizes. The Little Bee Company was recommended. I ordered my diapers and included a note to inquire as to whether the delivery would be before I left for Uganda as the diapers were going to the Abide Family Center. Within 30 minutes I had a response from Chad at Little Bee. Not only were the diapers already packaged and would be to me quickly, they were donating a diaper for every one that I ordered. WOW! So, thank you to all who gave for diapers, your gift was doubled. The photo above on the right is my suitcase packed with the adorable Little Bees.

It is humbling to realize how very much I have. I would be embarrassed to go count the number of shoes in my closet, let alone all the other things I often think necessary to survive. I am so very grateful to have the chance to go to Uganda, to have my eyes opened, my heart expanded and my borders increased. 

In the Journey,


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